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When done correctly, retweeting is a great aspect of twitter posting.  It is a way to share other’s content with your own followers, while giving credit to the original poster.  All too often I see users improperly retweet content, thus defeating the purpose of retweeting.

When you retweet someone’s post, you are not only sharing valuable information with your followers, but you are letting the original poster know that you appreciate the value they provide.  Not too long ago Twitter added a retweet button, which I am not fond of.  So in this article, I will be sharing with you the proper way to manually retweet a tweet – the traditional retweet.  This may seem really basic to a lot of you, but I see it done incorrectly too often to know that it is necessary to have to spell it out in simple terms.

First of all, when you are retweeting someone, make sure to add “RT” before their username.  Then copy and paste the text of their post following their username.  For example: “RT @Username ….”

One of the things that I love about the traditional retweet is the ability to add your own two cents to the post.  For instance, if you want to retweet a post about a Super Bowl commercial, you can say “This one was my favorite! RT @Username Check out this Super Bowl commercial…”

It is important to know that whatever comments you add to the retweet must be stated prior to the “RT”.  If you try to add your comments at the end of the retweeted tweet, users might get confused and not know whether that was part of the original users’ post or something that you added to it.

Please take a look at the following examples of how to properly and improperly comment in an RT.  You’ll notice that the “improper” example has added their comment to the end of the tweet.  Do you see how that can get confusing to your followers?

Proper commenting in an RT:

Improper commenting in an RT:

Additionally, if you’re going to retweet an already retweeted post, this is the proper way to do so:

Is this information helpful?  Are there any other retweet tips that you can share with other users?  What retweet mistakes have you seen other users make? Also, at the beginning of the article, I asked you about your retweet preference…I would love to hear what your preference is and why you prefer one method over the other.

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