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When discussing Foursquare, and other location-based networks, people often express that they don’t see the point in letting everyone know where they are at all times.  These individuals are missing the point of using Foursquare as a marketing tool and discount finder. From a marketing standpoint, it is very beneficial to have your business set-up […]

Alterian hosted a conference in Chicago this week focusing on “The Socialization of Your Brand”.  SVPs, CEOs, CMOs and the like from major organizations (i.e., Walgreen’s, Olgilvy, Edelman, WOMMA and Acxiom) shared case studies on how they are extending and expanding their brand’s social and emotional connection in a cross-channel manner. Because this event was […]

Are you trying to build your twitter following but can’t seem to get new followers?  You probably need to take a look at the following areas of your profile: 1. Your Bio What you say about yourself is one of the first things I look at when deciding if I’m going to follow someone.  If […]